Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi, my name is Meditation. You may remember me from such techniques as "Breathing Your Way to a Million Dollars" and "Finding Yourself by Screaming a Lot"

As my recent research has told me, meditation is key when it comes to preventing cancer recurrence.  This has been suggested to me a number of times, as I am what they call a "nervous" individual.  I maintain that I burn more calories by shaking in fear, but whatever.  
For the first time, I am willing to entertain the idea in a real way, after dismissing it for my asthma and for my anxiety.  But the question is: how do you clear your mind?  I know this is a big part of meditation and it is just incredibly hard for me.  It'll go like this for me:  
"Clear your mind, clear your mind, did I lock the door?, clear your mind, did I take my medicine?, wait, why am I clearing my mind?  Oh yeah, cancer.  Clearing the mind...wait, is that a new freckle on my hand?  Is that cancer?  Dear lord, what if they all are?  What if I have constellations of cancerous freckles all over me which spell out my certain doom?!  I'm going to die I'm going to die, agghhhh!"
Yeah, not so helpful.  So, is there like a pill I can take to clear my mind (other than street drugs)?  With my anxiety pills, my asthma meds, my cancer pills and my steak-tastes-better pills, I'm sure there's one for meditation.  Perhaps "Clearonex," "Tabularasion" or "Stupomax?"
Ahh, I guess I'm on enough meds.  But if anyone has any meditation pointers, I'm open...


  1. Heh heh steak-taste-better pill ;) I take my driving pill every morning ;)

  2. Hi Kate! Meditation has been talked about in a few of the psych classes I've taken. Apparently there are many different types, but the only type that I ever thought I'd probably be able to do is the one where you concentrate on one thing (i.e. breathing in and out, or each breath pulling "bad energy" from your toes, soles of your feet, ankles, calves etc one body part at a time, and expelling the "bad energy" out of your mouth). That way you don't have to think about're just thinking about one specific thing and nothing else. Maybe that'll help :) -Ashley

  3. I've been taking T'ai Chi this past term, and have been pleasantly surprised to discover that the movies (and hippies) give it a completely inaccurate rap. Sure, it can be all "peace, love, and warm/loving thoughts" if you want it to be, but the instructors I have tend to teach it in a rather martial way.

    Practising it at home ends up being quite meditative- I clear the entire room of anything with sharp edges and pointy corners, then slowly focus on remembering exactly how I would break someone's elbow/knee/whatever with each step of the form.

    I suppose it incorporates what was mentioned in a previous post, but with a bit of an anger-release twist :-)

  4. Anger release sounds good, plus you could be like a shiny topless Angel, recovering from feral-hell (you know what I sayin').but yeah, no, I actually have a suggestion. I have these tone sounds that I listen to on my headphones called 'binaural tones' that aid in meditation, inducing sleepiness, etc. There are apps for them. Do you get down with the apps, at all? I'll find you some good ones. They're suuuuuuuper helpful in clearing the mind. Ask me next time we talk.