Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hot Blooded!!

Check it and see!!

Alright, so begins my foray into breast cancer treatment with tamoxifen, the hormone therapy.  It will be a wild ride, not just for me but (I imagine) for my husband, who is taking on a role few men would sign up for.
Side effects of tamoxifen are similar to birth control (with some warning of clotting, atc.) but mostly the side effects mirror--wait for it--MENOPAUSE.
That's right, my poor husband has just married a woman who will essentially go through menopause twice (possibly thrice if I take a break to spawn in between).
It looks like I won't have chemo (huzzah!) but I will have mood swings and hot flashes.  And, oh yeah, they have to take my off my antidepressant.  Hang on in there, Kate.  It's gonna be a bumpy night!
I'm still waiting on my 2nd opinion to see if I need additional treatment, but for now it looks like this is it--keep good thoughts for me not having hot flashes...and good thoughts for Ben not having an evil menopausal shrew on his hands for the next 5 years ;)

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  1. Did you make a secret rendezvous? Do you think you can get away from you-know-who?