Thursday, April 21, 2011

No More Horror Stories Please!

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Alright, so most of the people I have shared this with (from my fam to co-workers to random blog followers) have been nice enough to provide me with helpful "success stories" that make me feel a little more hopeful.
Well, as I mentioned in my last blog, I am going a little crazy over waiting to see whether or not I have to have chemotherapy.  This is no small deal, as 1) I would have to leave my job, 2) I probably couldn't go on my honeymoon, 3) I wouldn't be able to get a teaching job for at least the first semester of 2011, 4) I would probably become infertile, and 5) I would lose all my beautiful luxurious hair (a note to those who find a silver lining in the fact that their hair may grow back curly or a slightly different color--props to you but my hair is the best ever AS IS and I refuse to see a silver lining in losing it.  Farting silly putty?  PLATINUM lining.  Hair loss? Never.)
It is much like that Dawson's Creek theme song... you know "I don't wanna wait for our liiives to be oveeerr I want to to know right now...WILL I LOSE MY FRIKKIN' HAIR OR NOT?!"  Except that it would be about cancer and know, lots of horny verbose teens.  Man, I love Dawson' Creek.
Anyhoo, in the meantime, I have been seeing and hearing a lot of "horror stories" from well-meaning folk.  Some are about people who choose to go for chemo (B-E-aggressive!) and end up getting, like, DOUBLE cancer or get sick and die from something else.  Some are about people who opt out of chemo because of the risks and then their cancer comes back and they die...they die, like, 5 times.
So, as a general shout out, if you have any stories that are NOT like that (more along the lines of "this girl I know got cancer and then they gave her candy for treatment which she somehow lost weight by eating and she lived a hundred years the end."  You know, or just a story NOT about someone dying 12 times.  I'm open.


  1. If you lose all of your hair you can sing lead in my new Sinead O'Connor cover band!

    -Bruce Pontiac

  2. Ohhh, Bruce Patman (can I call you Bruce Patman?)...unfortunately I've already been selected to sing lead in a Right Said Fred cover band ;)

  3. My boyfriend's stepdad got cancer last year... They did surgery at the Mayo Clinic to remove the cancery tumoury bits, then tested him again... miracle of miracles, they couldn't find evidence of the cancer anywhere! Not cell one. The surgeon went off to write a paper on his case.

    Lesson of the story: eat your fruits and vegetables, and do yoga. Good things do happen, my dear cousin :-)


  4. My mom had stage 3 breast cancer in 1992. Did chemo and single mastectomy. It's almost 20 years later, and she's still ticking.

    Silver Lining: Merkins of Hope!

    Highly recommended reading: "A Short and Curly History of the Merkin"