Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hawaii: Here we come!

Honeymoon approacheth!  Among the many awesome things about going on a vacation to Hawaii, one important thing I've decided to focus on is that I can finally listen to Hawaiian music without feeling angry.  When I was a bookslave at B&N, IZ was on our in-store play and, while others found the music relaxing, I found myself enraged.

"Oooooohh-OOOHHHH, callllm down Kate..."
"Stop telling me to calm down, music!" I would scream.  "I'm working!"
"But, Kaaaaaaate," the music would croon.  "Relaaaxxx...pau hana..."
"NO, music!  It is NOT 'pau hana.'  It's DURING...hana.  I need to inventory all these books and--"
"Aw, c'mon Kate.  Time for a frappucino/nancy drew break."

And then I would be completely zoned out.  Much like Reggae music (except that I actively HATE Reggae), Hawaiian music is telling me to "relax" at times when I can't!  Like when I'm working, or when I only have a half hour to shop at Target and I walk by one of those CD sample stands.  It just completely disrupts my productivity.
It also causes awkward situations.  For example, I had been explaining to my dear friend K-Mo how overly relaxing and work-inappropriate the Hawaiian CD was while on a break at B&N and she loudly (as is her nature) responded that it was awful--meaning awful to WORK to.  Of course, due to K-Mo's powerful carrying voice and being a magnet for awkward situations, a Pacific Islander woman was standing a few aisles away and pounced on us, saying that we were attacking her culture.  I tried to explain and even did a little skit with the PDT pretending to be swept away by the music but it was too late.  We had somehow been racially insensitive and there was nothing to do but crawl off to Tandoori Oven with our proverbial tail between our legs.
But now I will actually be relaxed!  I will be sipping Mai Thais at a beach cafe working on my sequel to Leviathan, CA (that's right--it's in the works!) or on a new short story for Suspense Magazine.  Oh yeah, and Ben will be there too ;) (I love you, Ben!)  Yay for relaxing and yay for honeymoon!!!

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