Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 Best Things about Having Cancer

Okay, so everything about having cancer sucks hard.  But here's a list of a few "bright sides..."
10-- Everyone is way nicer to you.  And they do this cool sympathetic head tilt when they ask: "How aaare you?"
9--You have a really strong motivator to get healthy--works much better than a personal trainer.
8--It doesn't seem so bad when you lose your keys.  I mean, it's still annoying, but not life-ending.
7--You go into a room and just lay down, but at the end of it people tell you how brave you are.  Just for laying down!  Well...and having invisible death rays blasted at you, but still!
6--Free valet parking!  No seriously!
5--No one judges you in oncology for reading battered old copies of Sweet valley High, and even if they did... don't really care what people think anymore.  You've got more important things to deal with.
3--You get more prayers/kind thoughts than a bus-full of blind orphans.  Everyone's got your back.
2--You have the ability to make ANY situation totally awkward by saying "I have CANCER."
1--Three words: license to nap

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  1. Is it in poor taste to assert that this blog is the 11th best thing about cancer?