Saturday, July 2, 2011


Boob Cake!
This glorious boob-shaped cake, made for me by Susan Gilbert Hardy, was a red velvety ray of sunshine in my days after radiation.  As the doctor warned me, I have experienced a bit of a "let down" after treatment.  They say this is because some people no longer feel they are proactively fighting the disease and are in more of a "wait and see" phase.  I've got my cancer-blocking pills so I think I'll be fine but it was a little strange letting go of something (however difficult, pain-causing and inconvenient) that had become a big part of my life.
Fortunately, that temporary hole in my heart was filled.  By boob cake.  Here's hoping my ennui will be satiated for good by the cake, as well as the 3+ lbs. of pineapple I've consumed in the last few days.  If not, Susan may need to make me another cake.  I feel a sniffle coming on ;)


  1. I don't want to say anything, but isn't this boob cake a bit, ah, well endowed?

  2. well...gee...(writes her father)